What To Do If Your Electric Skateboard Stops Working? Helpful Tips To Repair Your Board.

You wake up in the morning and realize you’re late for work. You jump out of bed and rush to get ready as quickly as possible. You say to yourself, “I’m not going to get to work on time.”

Oh well, at least you can make the best of it. If you hurry, you’ll only be a little late. Plus, you ride an electric skateboard to work, so you know you can always speed up to make up a little time.

You turn on your electric skateboard as soon as you walk out the door, but nothing happens. Your worst fear has come true: your electric skateboard broke…

What do you do now?

Well, I can’t help you get to work on time right now. You’ll have to find some other way to get there. I can help you figure out how to fix your electric skateboard, though.

So, let’s help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

What’s wrong with your board?

Find out what part of your electric skateboard isn’t working right. This is the first and most important step.

If your electric skateboard won’t turn on, the problem is probably with the battery. If your speed wobbles, it could be your trunks. If your remote doesn’t work, the connection to the board could be the problem.

All of these could be problems that you need to figure out. Taking care of things is a great way to stop problems from happening in the first place. Like putting good gas in your car, taking care of your electric skateboard will help it run better.

If you know your electric skateboard needs to be fixed, try to fix it yourself. But don’t go where you don’t know because you could hurt your electric skateboard more.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, you should just send it back to the company that made it so they can fix it. If your electric skateboard is still under warranty, you can send it back and get a new one or your money back. And finally, if your board is so bad that it can’t be fixed, save what you can and keep the rest.

Problems that often happen with electric skateboards

1.Battery won’t turn on

Check to see if your battery has been hurt or damaged by water. Try giving your board a charge and see how it responds. If your board still won’t turn on, check the website or manual of the company that made it.

2.Battery won’t charge

Check to see if your battery has been hurt or damaged by water. Make sure the plug you’re using to charge your phone works. Try turning on and off your board a few times and holding down the battery button for a few seconds. Check the manufacturer’s website or manual if your battery still won’t charge.

3.Board rides funny

Check your board, including the trunks and wheels. If tightening doesn’t work, try loosening. If the problem is still there, take your trunks or wheels off and put them back together. Try switching the wheels and trunks to see if that helps.

4.Trunks and wheels misaligned

A simple fix that just needs to be moved around. If this doesn’t work, you might damage your board’s trunks, wheels, or bottom, and you might need to buy new parts.

5.Speed wobbles

Tighten up your trunks or put more weight on your front foot. If your balance and stance are off, your speed will wobble. The weight on the front of the board evens out the problems.

6.Squeaky trunks

Tighten or loosen your trunks until the wheel doesn’t move side to side.

7.Low range issues

The battery might be old or broken. Try using up all the power in the battery of your electric skateboard. If this doesn’t work, you may need to get a new one. Get in touch with the maker.

8.Bad acceleration and speed

Look over your board. The battery could be old or have been hurt in some way. Turn your electric skateboard on its side and hit the throttle to see how the wheels and motor react. If you’re still having trouble, check to see if there’s anything stuck. Check the user guide and website of the maker.

9.Clicking bearings

Usually happens, especially with the wheels that move the car. Most of the time, the axle nut is tight enough to make one or more bearings click. Tighten the nut so the wheel doesn’t move side to side. Using grease or oil can also make it easier for parts to move.

10.Sounds when braking

Most likely, your belt is broken. Tighten or loosen the belt. You will need to take off the motor cap and tighten the belt. You might need some extra tools, and you’ll have to read the instructions to see how to do it.


Everyone should take better care of their electric skateboards than they do now. Many people just ride it and then leave it somewhere. When it’s time to go out, they pick it up again.

If you take good care of your board, it will take good care of you. If you treat it like crap, it won’t last as long. This means that when you get home from a ride, you have to clean your electric skateboard. This also means that you should charge it when the battery is completely dead and check your wheels and trunks every time you drive.

Make sure everything is tight, and if anything is loose, tighten it more. But don’t tighten it too much or you could break a nut or a piece of your board and have to fix it again. Make sure the deck is whole and the grip tape is not coming off. You could just put some new grip tape on top if it’s coming off.

Make sure to put your electric skateboard somewhere that doesn’t have dust, liquids, or extreme temperatures. Don’t leave it outside where it can get ruined by the weather. Make sure to fully drain the battery every so often and then fully charge it back up again. Doing so is good for your health and will make your battery and electric skateboard last longer.

Service and Repair

If you know your electric skateboard is broken and can be fixed, but you don’t know how, it’s time to send it in for service and repair.

I always say that if you need something fixed, you should go to the maker instead of a local electronics or skate shop. I’m not saying they can’t fix it, but I’d rather have the person who made and designed the board work on it than some stoner at the skate shop. Most manufacturers will have a solution to your problem and tips to help you avoid it in the future.

If you choose a brand that isn’t very good and doesn’t have a website, you’re out of luck.

I couldn’t find any information or a website about my Urban mini electric skateboard when I bought it. I wanted to get in touch with someone but didn’t know how. I bought it on Amazon, so I just sent it back and got a full refund.

Do It Yourself

You should always try to fix and maintain your electric skateboard yourself if you can.

Depending on what brand you bought, you should be able to find service and repair information on their website. Some brands are better than others, so before you buy an electric skateboard, you should check to see what kind of support they offer.

On the website of a company like Boosted, there is a lot of information about how to fix your electric skateboard yourself. This isn’t always possible because of the damage and problems you may be facing.

But if you do it yourself, you’ll learn more about your board and save time and money because you won’t have to send it somewhere else to be fixed.

Simple things can always be tweaked and fixed, like loose nuts and bolts, wheels that aren’t lined up right, and grip tape that is coming off. But when your battery and other electrical parts start to break, it’s time to call a pro.


There should be some kind of warranty on every electric skateboard.

Most of the time, they last between six months and a year. If your electric skateboard stops working for any reason while it’s still under warranty, take pictures or videos of the problem and send them to the company that made it.

You will also have to send in your board, and they should find you a replacement or give you a full refund. Always use the warranty. I’ve heard of people whose electric skateboards stopped working, didn’t do anything, and now they have nothing but a hole in their wallets.

The warranty on my Ownboard Mini Kt is only good for 3 months, and their terms page says that they don’t give out many refunds and only do repairs.

This is one of the risks of buying an electric skateboard from a Chinese company, but their quality is amazing and I’ve never had a problem with my board, so I’m not worried about any problems.

Salvage And Move On

If your board is so bad that it can’t be fixed, it may be time to give up and just take the pieces.

If you can’t fix your battery, keep the deck, trunks, and wheels and just buy a new one.

Most companies that make electric skateboards have a website where you can buy new batteries at any time. It won’t be cheap, but it will be better than paying full price for a new board.

If you can’t fix your deck, just replace it with a new one. You can buy a new one from the manufacturer’s website, or you might be able to use any old deck. If it’s a regular skateboard deck, you may have to strap the battery on and make sure it’s connected to the motors on the wheels.

This is like the brand and company Eon electric skateboard, which makes powertrains for electric skateboards that can be added to any regular skateboard deck to make it electric.


If your electric skateboard is giving you trouble, you should look at all of your options.

First, try to fix it yourself. If that doesn’t work, try sending it in for service or repair. Most of this can be avoided if you take care of your board and keep it clean. Treat your electric skateboard like it’s your best friend. If nothing goes your way, just take what you can from the situation and move on.

Today’s electric skateboards are made with a high level of skill and quality. None of my boards have ever given me any trouble, and neither should you. But now you know what to do if you do. Cheers and happy gliding!


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