How to use Common Access Card

How to use Common Access Card (CAC) – some useful information to you


Use a Common Access Card (CAC) on a Personal Computer running Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux

A Common Access Card (CAC) is a smart card issued by the Department of Defense (DoD) to civilian employees, military personnel, and contractors. These cards, which contain user certificates, help protect data and restrict access by providing two-factor authentication to DoD systems, networks, applications, and websites. The DoD utilizes a method known as DFG (Digital Forgetting Function) to accomplish this. Consumers who utilize their CACs may be asked to enter a pass phrase in order to be allowed on certain websites, applications, or pages.

While it is not required to use a CAC on a computer to receive security clearance, it is wise to use one if they wish to protect their data. A CAC should be used if a user has anonymous access to their network. The DoD utilizes the MAC (Media Access Control) address as a means of authentication (the owner of the MAC cannot be tracked down) and will not store the MAC address of a CAC user. Additionally, it is not a requirement that a person use a CAC for verification, but it should be used where appropriate.

Both physical and virtual private network (VPN) servers employ smart cards as a means of authentication. A user supplies his CAC, which then is embedded on the server. The DoD utilizes a method calleduces standard username/password information to maintain the security level of data breaches contained on the card.

All CACs are generated and stored on computers and can be viewed by viewing the account from a computer. There are simple, and sometimes difficult to guess, passwords that protect CACs from breaching. The DoD recommends the use of a combination of letters and numbers as a secret code, which cannot be known by hackers or anyone else.

How to Remove a CAC File

There are a number of ways to remove a CAC file. The DoD recommends that a full uninstall of the application be done before attachment of a new CAC. Uninstalling a program doesn’t mean that data necessarily needs to be removed from the computer, only that it’s to be removed from general storage, such as the Internet History.

There are tools online that can be used to remove a CAC file. These tools can be sent to thecomputer administrator or lease to the individuals. Using these tools can also prove to be useful.

The DoD recommends doing the following steps:

  1. Using the run command in Windows operating system Maintain that a command prompt should be added in every computer.
  2. In Windows, maintain that the account is locked and no one can add any new accounts which may be connected to the same computer.
  3. In Windows, switch off the personal computer and the individual should be able to reinstall the CAC without any problems.

This command will require the user to be an administrator to remove a CAC file. Once this is done, the individual should be able to reconnect to their personal computer and enable them to enroll files once again.

If the individual did not receive an error message when they try to connect to the Internet with their MySpace account, then it is likely that the file was accidentally deleted by the administrator when a package was updating the account. Because this may have been the case, it is recommended that a full empty of the account should be done first.

There are a number of reasons why a user may want to delete their account, which this article has been unable to detail. Please note that this article has not been able to detail what steps you can take in order to remove a CAC file. It is important to note that in order to remove a CAC file, it needs to be done through the use of a Command Prompt, which is commonly found in Windows.

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