How to start a lawn mower

It should be simple to start a lawn mower, shouldn’t it? However, on occasion, particularly after a long, dormant winter, it can be difficult to get a mower to start. Follow these simple steps to get your mower up and running again – and if it still won’t cooperate, try our troubleshooting suggestions.

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Your lawn’s health and appearance are both enhanced by regular mowing. A lawn mower that won’t start isn’t uncommon, regardless of whether you’ve recently purchased a new machine or finally brought out your old one for the new season. Although every lawn mower is a little bit different, following these steps should help you get a gas-powered lawn mower started. This is the most common type. It’s possible that your lawn mower isn’t starting after following the steps outlined here.


Remove all objects from the grassy areas of your property to protect the mower blades from damage. In addition to picking up and moving lawn furniture and children’s toys, clearing the path requires addressing any fallen tree branches or rocks that have been unearthed.


Next is a step that may seem obvious, but which some homeowners overlook because of its simplicity: Check to see if the mower is powered by oil or gas. Getting your new gas-powered lawnmower ready for its maiden voyage? Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual to learn the recommended fuel and oil levels for your specific model.


In order to get the mower up and running, press the starter button three to five times. If, on the other hand, you’ve recently used the mower, you can skip this step. After not using the lawn mower for an extended period of time, it is necessary to re-prime the engine (over the winter, for instance).


Observe the lawn mower’s two handles, which run horizontally just a few inches apart. Pull the starting rope while maintaining contact with these handles. Do so swiftly and ferociously. The mower’s engine should start up as a result of this action. If you’ve ever tried to start a car, you know that it sometimes takes several tries before you hear the purring of the engine.

Tips for Troubleshooting

A few times you’ve rechecked the mower to see if it has any oil or gas leaks. Your arm hurts from pulling the starting line rope so many times. So far, so good. You have perused the owner’s manual.

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