Disney Plus not working on Apple TV (nine fixes) [2022]

Want to watch the most recent Disney and Marvel episodes on your Apple TV?

Then Disney Plus is your primary source for Marvel, Star Wars, and other content.

And don’t panic if you’re experiencing difficulties running Disney Plus on your Apple TV.


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Why doesn’t Disney Plus function on my Apple TV?

Disney Plus is not accessible on your Apple TV due to server difficulties. However, you should also consider connectivity issues, obsolete software, and app issues. This can also occur if the subscription was not renewed.

Disney Plus is not compatible with Apple TV: nine fixes

1: Verify that Disney Plus servers are operational

Did you know that Disney Plus has more than 130 million subscribers globally? Consequently, it is the fourth most popular streaming platform.

With so many users relying on it, there are times when the servers have performance issues.

Server issues can also be caused by issues on Disney’s end.

Examine Downdetector before proceeding with these additional fixes. This indicates the current state of Disney Plus and whether or not it is functioning correctly.

If the servers are down, it is advisable to wait until a repair is implemented.

2: Check the speed of your internet connection

Disney Plus streaming quality is diminished by an inconsistent connection. It can also render the application inoperable.

Disney recommends a connection speed of at least 5 Mbps. This enables the platform to support content in High Definition.

If you wish to stream 4K UHD content, you must have a minimum of 25.0 Mbps. Check your Internet connection speed with Fast or Ookla.

Note: For greater precision, access the speed tests on Apple TV through Safari.

There are several ways to increase the speed of your Apple TV.

  • Move your router closer to your Apple TV.
  • Disconnect other devices from your network.
  • And these further suggestions…

3: Reset your router

Restarting your router can help eliminate system-wide issues. It resets your network settings, allowing for a more reliable connection speed.

  1. To accomplish this, begin by turning off your router.
  2. Unplugging it.
  3. Allowing it to be off for up to thirty seconds.
  4. Turn the device on again.

Contact your service provider immediately if you’re still not receiving the data plan’s advertised speed.

4: Change to a wired connection

Distancing your Apple TV from the network can result in connection issues.

It should be approximately 20 feet away from the router. Users claim that Apple TV can receive a strong signal up to 60 feet away.

You may choose to switch to a wired connection for safety purposes. Purchase an Ethernet cable that is compatible with Apple TVs.

Apple TV 3rd Generation Rev A and Apple TV HD are equipped with 100 Mbps ethernet connections. The second-generation Apple TV 4K has a 1gbps Ethernet connection.

When you connect your Apple TV to your router, the network immediately changes to wired mode.

5: Reset your Disney Plus account

Your Apple TV’s Disney Plus application may be the cause of the issue. You should first attempt to reset your app.

Close your application from your Apple TV to reset it. Open it again to determine if it’s operating.

Consider uninstalling and then reinstalling your program if the issue persists. To achieve this, you must:

  1. Select the Disney Plus application from the home screen.
  2. Maintain pressure on the touch surface of your Apple TV remote.
  3. Wait until the icon for Disney Plus begins to shake.
  4. The Play/Pause button is pressed.
  5. Select Delete.
  6. Reinstall the Disney Plus application from the App Store.

This can aid in resolving app issues and glitches.

6: Resetting your Apple TV

Also try to reset your Apple TV, as that may be the source of the issue. To achieve this, begin by:

  1. Opening the Settings menu on Apple TV.
  2. Access System
  3. Choose Reset.

Reminder: If you wish to upgrade your Apple TV, you can do it through the System menu.

Resetting can be a lengthy process, so be patient. If your Apple TV is unresponsive, do the following:

Contact Apple TV Support for Apple TV 4K.

Regarding Apple TV HD:

  1. Unplug the power cord and HDMI wire.
  2. Connect a USB-C cable to Apple TV and another to a PC using USB-C cables.
  3. Launch iTunes (on a Windows computer) or Finder (on Mac).
  4. Select Restore.

Watch this video if you want a better look at the procedure:

7: Relogin to your account

Your Disney Plus account may have encountered a fault or malfunction. This may result in the application displaying faults while running.

Signing out and signing back in after a few minutes is a simple solution. Here’s how to accomplish that:

  1. Locate and launch the Disney Plus application.
  2. Touch your Avatar to view your profile.
  3. Click Sign Out.
  4. Wait two to three minutes.
  5. Sign in again.

This refreshes your user data, and hopefully fixes any errors in the process.

8:  Verify Your Disney Plus membership

Ensure that you routinely review your Disney Plus subscription. It renews automatically if your payment method has sufficient funds.

Here are the Disney Plus subscription options:

Standard Cost for Disney Plus:

  1. $7.99/month.
  2. $79.99/year.


  1. Every Disney Plus Content Item
  2. Ad-free viewing.
  3. Unrestricted downloads (10 devices).
  4. More than 100 titles in 4k UD and HDR.
  5. Maximum of four simultaneous streams.
  6. Parental restrictions.

Hulu with commercials costs $13.99 per month.

Hulu without advertising is $19.99 per month.

Hulu plus Live TV costs $72.99 per month.

Disney Plus-Hulu-ESPN Plus Bundle Cost:

  1. All Standard Disney Plus material is included.
  2. Live sporting events and ESPN Plus content.
  3. Hulu content

Access to Disney Premiere costs $29.99 per film (a Disney+ basic subscription is required).

Access to newly released Disney films is included.

The payment options for Disney Plus include Visa and Amex.

Discover, Mastercard, Disney Visa, and subscription cards are accepted.

9:  Contact Apple Support or Disney Plus

The aforementioned tips can help you solve your problem.

However, if they do not, contact Apple or Disney Plus support.

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