Mister Stevenson, he's being constantly redrawn

  1. You can take off any information that you don't think is useful or make up details if they're missing (for example, there's some gaps in between college and his first real job, so if you want to make up something fun for him to do, feel free)
  2. You can use any bits of any pre-existing illustrations or designs you've done personally if you want (if you want to use a graphic of any sort, go ahead, but just make sure you have the rights to it!)
  3. Everyone has until next friday to get their version back to me (I know you're all very busy, so I might be a bit lenient about times... just let me know!)
  4. Try not to spend more than a few hours on it (but I'm not actually placing any restrictions on it).
  5. Try to keep it to one page!
  6. Send it to me as a pdf.

Name: Steve Stevenson

Address: 23 Warton Road, Newham, London, E15, UK
Date of birth: June 2nd 1980
Marital status: single
Website: www.misterstevenson.com
Email: steven@misterstevenson.com
Phone number: (44) 772 555 321



June 2007–present

Senior Webdesigner including CSS/HTML for a social media site where people discuss their unusual pets. Also coordinates marketing materials.

Flying Banana Labs

April 2006 – June 2007

Webdesigner for a digital agency. Clients included Nike, Burton Snowboards, Just for Laughs Festival.

Golden Kangaroo Interactive

November 2005– April 2006

Junior graphic/web designer at a small digital agency. Clients included Aussiehair, Bet 365, and Nivea.

Steven Stevenson also runs his own freelance business, under MisterStevenson. Through it, he has worked on the following things...

Blue Duck Recruit (2009-ongoing)

A recruitment company’s website.

the identity, business card design, UX, and webdesign

Evildog.com (2008-ongoing)

A boxer’s personal website (including content management system) www.evildog.com identity, business card design, webdesign and HTML/CSS

Scarlet Cat Studios (2008)

A film company’s site, including content management system www.scarletcatstudios.com Identity, business card design, webdesign

Friendly parrot Inc (2008)

Voice recording software product website www.friendlyparrot.com Identity, webdesign, CSS/HTML

Chestnut Cow Ltd (2007)

A cheese manufacturer Identity, business card design

thecrazypencil.org (2006)

An educational site for children Identity, webdesign

Peach Lemur labs (2005)

A biotech company site webdesign


First Class BA (Hons) Graphic Design (London College of Communication 2000– 2004)

DavidDavidson Old Grammar School (GCSE)

Maths, English, English Lit, Biology, German, Art, D&T, Geography (1998–2000)

Computer skills

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Flexbuilder, Dreamweaver, Coda, Textmate. Languages: hand coded CSS/HTML (compatible with IE6, IE7 and standards compliant browsers), basic actionscript, basic javascript (using JQuery). Integration of styling into ruby on rails, flex 3 and php (wordpress).


Snowboarding, repairing watches, drawing caricatures, and anything to do with Japanese culture!

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